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Idaho, Oregon, Washington,
Western Canada
Distributed by:
Component Distributors, Inc.,Future Electronics

Magnetics, Transformers, Inductors and Chokes

Precision manufactures transformers, inductors, miniature coils and other innovative magnetic components and custom assemblies.  Capabilities Include clean room mfging, Ultra Fine wire winding to 58 AWG in a variety of configurations, miniature to 100KVA and 50/60/400Hz to RF. Market applications include implantable and external medical, industrial controls, instruments, aerospace, military, alternative energy, energy storage and HVAC. Services include engineering design assistance, prototypes and volume manufacturing in multiple US locations and wholly owned facility in PRC under ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003 and ITAR.  Transitions product to LCC with shipments to global destinations.

Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada
Distributed by:
Future Electronics

Crystals and Oscillators

Hosonic is a world class manufacturer of high precision, miniature crystal units and oscillators. These high stability quartz devices are supplied mainly for use in PC, laptop, file storage, mobile, IoT, wearables, wireless and consumer electronic applications.Hosonic has the production capacity to manufacture large volumes of crystals and oscillators with very high accuracy, tight temperature stability with high quality.The company utilizes in-house, high-tech, automated processes which are designed and controlled by well-trained, highly skilled personnel. Robust production testing guarantees its products' quality.The company also maintains good relationships and cooperates with many IC design houses by providing key input and obtaining approvals in reference designs.

Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada

Resistive Products

Thin Film Chip Precision Resistor
SMD Various Chip Resistor
MELF Metal & Carbon Film Resistor
Current Sensing Resistor
Metal Strip Low ohm Resistor
Thin/Thick Film Chip Resistor Array
Power Resistors 20-100 Watts

Inductive Products

Thin Film Chip Inductor
Wire Wound Chip Inductor
Multilayer Chip Beads
Common Mode Chokes
Conformal Coated Inductors
Shielded & Non-Shielded Power Inductors
and Customs too!

Capacitive Products

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
MLCC High Q, Low ESR
MLCC Ultra High Q, Low ESR
MLCC Low Inductance
MLCC High Voltage
Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

Zetter Magnetics
IWestern Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
Distributed by:
Allied Electronics,Future Electronics, Heilind Electronics, Master Electronics

Zettler Magnetics offers a complete line of Transformers and Toroids. Transformers include epoxy sealed power transformers, open frame, low profile, switching transformers and chokes, while toroids include current sensing, zero phase current sensor, current transformers, PFC chokes and large power line filter inductors. Zettler Magnetics has the design and manufacturing capability to provide custom designs for most specialized applications.

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